ALTERA CMM Series – Excellence now and in the future

Altera cmm seriesLK Metrology’s range of premium quality ALTERA CMMs meet the varying needs of manufacturers, both now and in the future.

Advanced multi-sensor ready technology optimizes CMM throughput and provides the opportunity to broaden the application scope to new materials and components as customer needs change, without additional wiring or controllers.

The superior ceramic design, with near perfect stiffness-to-weight ratio and great resistance to temperature shifts, provides exceptional and enduring performance across all manufacturing environments. As a result, LK Metrology is the only CMM manufacture to guarantee the original accuracy specification of its CMMs for a period of 10 years.

X 1.2 meters - 47.25"
Y 1.5 meters – 59.55" travel
Z 1.0 meters – 39.37"
LK - Altera CMM equipped with PH10M plus motorized head, w/TP-20 and TP-200 modules for tip changes

In addition a L100 Laser
CMM Manger software
Volumetric accuracyfrom 1.5 μm accuracy +L/375
Repeatability from 1.5 μm
Velocityfrom 833 mm/s
Accelerationfrom 2,514 mm/s2 (is a baby 2 higher up for squared)

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