Theia: DMC 85 FD monoBLOC
Simultaneous 5-axis Machine with Pallet Changer and FD Table

The monoBLOCK series has a machine concept for every sector. The monoBLOCK series models are 5-axis machining centers suited to workpieces in various fields such as the aerospace, energy, medical component and automotive industries. The models employ a unique, ergonomically designed structure, which contributes to superior workability and operability.

The DMC 85 FD monoBLOCK is equipped with a 3-station automatic pallet changer as standard and a FD swivel rotary table with the direct drive, ensuring both milling and turning.

The monoBLOCK series has a machine concept for every sector
Max. Travel X/Y/Z mm935 / 850 / 650
Table Size mmø 850 × 750
Max. load mm1,000 / 1,500**
Workpiece dimensions mmDMU monoBLOCK workpiece dimensions 65, 75, 85 - Peterson Machining

 Ronda Peterson with Peterson Machining's latest quality 5 D Axis DMC 85 MonoBlock with pallet changer  DMC 85 MonoBlock from Germany here now at Peterson machining  Todd Peterson owner and founder with the new DMC 85 Monoblock all the way from Germany

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