LUX: Speroni Futura STP 66 A Tool Presetter

Our tool presetter measures all the features of the tool assembly like lengths and cutting edges of our tools. Assuring they can be used in our verification software and precisely match job specifications. Making them ready to be used in our machines

The fully automated CNC Driven full scanning tool presetter uses two different optical cameras. This instrument allows us to set up tools outside the spindle of the machine. Even the finest features of a .010 diameter end mill shape or wear! The data is captured on a scannable label and also available at programming stations and added to our “tool library. At Peterson Machining, we have over 600 Cat 40 tools set up and ready to use. As well as our 30 taper and now HSK63 that will be used in the new DMC 85 FD RS6.

Tool Management Solution Software for Industry 4.0 allows us to easily and comprehensively organize our tool assemblies. The integration to CAM and TMS eliminates data redundancy and safely shares data amongst our systems.

As well, the SPERONI-designed integrated episcopy light system allows you to see and evaluate the wear conditions of your tools before they are utilized, thus avoiding costly breakdowns in operation.

The high precision universal spindle, together with the rapid equipment change system, guarantees the highest precision and repeatability for all tool holders. The one of a kind universal mechanical clamping system, introduced in 1992, allows clamping any kind of tool with unequaled repeatability and precision.

VISION: Speroni Futura STP 66
Dimensions24" x 24"
Z AxisMax. Length 24”
X AxisMax : 24”
Weight1345 lbs.