SUDA Velocity Sensor Housing-LASP and NASA Mission

SUDA Velocity Sensor Housing designed in collaboration with LASP. Laboratory for space Physics in Boulder, CO

This above part is the “SUDA Velocity Sensor Housing” machined by Peterson Machining.

This housing is a significant structural component of the SUDA “Sensor Head”. The “Sensor Head” lives on the exterior of the Europa Clipper Spacecraft. It measures the velocity and molecular composition of incoming “dust” particles that have been ejected off the surface of Europa (an icy moon of Jupiter). This “Velocity Sensor Housing” holds the components and electronics required to detect the incoming velocity of “dust” particles.

Shared by LASP, Laboratory For Space Physics, here in Boulder, CO a part of the University of Colorado. LASP is older than NASA.

To learn more about this instrument and the NASA program:


Quick facts about Europa SUrface Dust Mass Analyzer (SUDA)

Peterson Machining Inc. is an AS9100D shop and during  Covid-19 2020 is deemed an “Essential Business” on this project and all others during Covid-19. These are DOD (Department of Defense) rated and need to be delivered on schedule.